This machine, supplied by Ashberry Friction Welding is one of two machines now purchased by VAM Drilling, (Vallourec And Mannesmann) one of the biggest producers of Drill Pipe and Drill Bodies in the world.


A Model M 150 ton Single End Drillpipe Machine supplied for
welding Tooljoints to IEU Drill bodies in the oil industry.
Similar machines available if required.

An M 125 / M 150 ton Double End Machine
with External Shear Flash Removal,
for welding banjo / beam axles for lorries.
Can be modified to suit a single end application if required.

9003 pic

Model 50 Double End machine with D.C Drive
(Allen Bradley electronics at present).

This model would be ideally suited to welding axles, drive shafts or prop shafts.

Model 125 Double End machine.

This model would be ideal for welding banjo/beam axles.

12/15 Ton Single End Machine, Sliding Head (Thompson)

Mild Steel Diameter (Solid) from 8mm to 28mm (Engine Valves, Drills, Cu/Al Connectors)

Suitable for sub contract

12/15 Ton Double End Machine, Sliding Heads (Thompson)

Mild Steel Diameter (Solid) from 12mm to 32mm

Mild Steel Diameter (Tubular) from 12mm to 45mm

(Drive Shafts, Prop Shafts, Lightweight axles)

40 Ton Single End Machine, Sliding Carriage (Thompson)

Mild Steel Diameter (Solid) from 18mm to 50mm (Drive Shafts, Gear Shafts, Drills)

40/50/60 Ton Single End Machine, Sliding Heads (Thompson)


Mild Steel Diameter (Solid) from 25mm to 65mm (Piston Rods, Drill Pipe, Drive Shafts, Pump Shafts)

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